1. Canada Post Review – Please Submit
2. PRIDE 2016 with the NDP!
3. Second Notice of AGM

The Executive of the Scarborough Southwest Electoral District Association met on the 21st of June, 2016 in the party room of the condominium located at 757 Victoria Park. We were visited by guest speaker Derek Richmond of CUPW regarding Delivering Community Power: How Canada Post can be the Hub of our Next Economy.

If you would like to attend these meetings and benefit from future guest speakers, please send us a message using the contact form on the right-side panel.

1. Canada Post Review

The federal government has appointed an independent task force to identify options for the future of our postal service. It says that everything but postal privatization is on the table. To this effect, the following motion was passed at the most recent meeting of the SSW Executive:

Be it resolved that the SSWNDP strongly supports the re-establishment of Postal Banking in Canada as well as the maintenance of five day door-to-door mail delivery. Be it further resolved that we will make a submission to the Postal Review to that effect and encourage our membership to make individual submissions by the July 31st deadline.  

Thanks to Coline Gardhouse, Chair of the Policy and Education Committee, for having submitted comments on behalf of our organization.

The SSWNDP encourages everyone to visit Canada.ca/CanadaPostReview (http://www.canada.ca/canadapostreview) to learn about the review and submit their own comments. Click “Share Your Views” to submit a comment. We would prefer, of course, if you would consider using our very own postal service to send in your comments. The mailing address is:

Canada Post Review
CP 2200
Matane, QC G4W 0K8

2. Celebrate PRIDE with the NDP!

It is always important for us in the NDP to show our PRIDE, but in light of recent and terrible events, this year our collective presence will be even more significant.

The NDP will have a PRIDE BOOTH where folks are able to stop by and chat with our LGBTQ* members, supporters and allies. We need folks to hang out at the booth for a few hours over PRIDE weekend – can you spend some time with us?

CLICK HERE to sign up for the SATURDAY BOOTH.
CLICK HERE to sign up for the SUNDAY BOOTH

The Pride Parades are one of the best and most fun parts of Pride in Toronto. On Friday, July 1st the PRIDE TRANS MARCH will be taking place. On Saturday, July 2nd the PRIDE DYKE MARCH will be taking place. Of course, on Sunday, July 3rd the PRIDE TORONTO MARCH will be taking place.

Please click any of the above-highlighted links to tell the NDP you’ll be celebrating with us! Many members of our own SSW Executive will be there in solidarity. Join us!

3. AGM: Second Notice

The SSWNDP EDA Executive has chosen October 1st as the date for our Annual General Meeting. The venue and guest speakers are presently TBA – keep in touch for more information.

Do you have an idea for a guest speaker you’d like to see at a SSWNDP event? Get in touch!