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2015 Nomination Meeting

2015 Federal Nomination Meeting

Scarborough Southwest NDP Holiday Reception

With Dan Harris and Peter Stoffer

Dan Harris & Peter Stoffer
Winter is here and the Holidays are fast approaching. That means it’s time for the Scarborough Southwest NDP Holiday Reception!
Friday, December 5, 2014
6:30 pm
Chats Jerk Restaurant and Roti Shop
3537 St. Clair Ave. East (at the southwest corner of Kennedy Rd and St. Clair Ave. East). Doors open at 6:30.
Click here to get your tickets NOW, before they sell out! 
Special Guest
Peter Stoffer
MP for Sackville-Eastern Shore and the Official Opposition Critic for Veterans’ Affairs

AGM Sunday September 28, 2014

2014 SSW NDP AGM-1AGM 2014

Post Ontario Election 2014

This letter was posted on Jessie’s Facebook page. Personally, I think that Ontario lost by not having Jessie in the legislature.  With permission, here is the entire letter.

Hello, friends and supporters! Apologies for the delay in posting this quick note. I hope you have all been well since our celebrations on Thursday night.

I must first thank all those volunteers who knocked on doors with me, phone canvassed, stuffed envelopes, answered phones, dropped flyers, put up [and are now taking down] signs, and generally made our efforts that much easier. Your time and commitment is so very much appreciated. Seeing new volunteers in the office made my day. It was that much more fun to get out and meet people knowing we had a fantastic and capable group in the office and out in the community.

To the office staff – Ian Roberts [data whiz and expert on everything SSW], Ryan Hurley [who is on it and will handle it!], Cindy Kraakman [office whiz and expert at remembering where we parked!], Chris Mockler, Hijal De Sarkar, and everyone else who came in to make sure e-day went smoothly, my deepest thanks.

To the executive and members of the SSW ONDP, I am profoundly grateful for your trust and faith in me and the whole team. Thanks especially to our fabulous Scarborough Southwest MP, Dan Harris, for the hours he lent out of his busy schedule to assist. I began my volunteering in SSW with Dan’s office and his continually brilliant staff and I am honoured to have had his [and their] support.

Thanks also to those in other political parties who were so kind as to believe in a young person wanting to make a difference that they contributed in various ways.

Thank you to our brilliant campaign manager, Andrea Moffatt, whose humour and determination inspired all of us to work our hardest. Andrea [and Khel!] are now working for the equally fantastic federal candidate Elizabeth Wong in the Scarborough-Agincourt federal by-election. I encourage all of my friends and fellow Scarborough NDPers to get out there to volunteer! I will certainly be keeping my canvassing skills fresh over in Trinity-Spadina, as well, where Joe Cressy and his talented team are working hard to keep the riding orange.

Thanks also to those other Scarborough ONDP candidates, especially Alexander Wilson [and family!], Carol Baker, Neethan Shan. We are Scarborough United!

To the elected MPP for the fourth straight time, Lorenzo Berardinetti: congratulations. Until now I have only been involved with campaigns as a volunteer; it has been an eye-opener to realize how much time and effort it takes to be the face of one, much less to continually represent a riding so diverse. To Nita Kang and David Del Grande, congratulations on a hard-fought campaign. Though we may each have different approaches, we are all committed to the goal of a better Scarborough Southwest and a better Ontario.

Thank you to all of the supporters, those who took a lawn sign, those who donated, and those who voted. Thanks, of course, to those who voted for the SSW ONDP, but thanks also to those who considered their options and took the time to vote, generally. I encourage you to continue to discuss the issues you hear about on the news with your friends and colleagues and to encourage those who do not normally vote to vote in any upcoming elections. It pained me [and my mother, who was out and about with me in Scarborough every day!] to hear about all those who felt that there was no place for them in politics, that they were completely unrepresented, that all politicians are crooks and so would not vote. I ran for the ONDP because I felt that, by getting involved, I might be able to demonstrate why it need not be this way.

Thanks to all those I met at the Fu Yaos, the No Frills, the coffee shops, the grocery stores. Thanks to all those who saw me running down the street to your doorsteps in my bright orange sneakers and scarf and greeted me with such enthusiasm and support, or running down Birchmount at 8 15pm on the night of the election as I tried to get people to vote at the last moment and shouted to me, “we just voted for you, Jessie!!”. My heart swells so that it nearly explodes when I remember these parts of the campaign.

Thanks also to those whose doors I knocked on and whose afternoon coffees I interrupted who challenged me. Who asked me why no one was accountable, why nothing was getting done, why we as politicians [or prospective politicians] couldn’t get our collective acts together and make some change, already. I am a different person from having met many of you, and I am honoured that you took the time to remind me of why I am never giving up.

Robert Frost said that “a champion of the working man has never yet been known to die of overwork.” This quote has never resonated with me so much as now.

Onward we go!


Jessie Macaulay

Jessie Macaulay and Niki Ashton at Jessie's campaign office

Jessie Macaulay and Niki Ashton at Jessie’s campaign office

The members of the Scarborough Southwest NDP voted at our Nomination Meeting last Saturday and selected Jessie Macaulay as our candidate for this Ontario election.

Election Day is only just over four weeks away, and I believe you’ll have a rewarding experience if you help out in this campaign. Jessie is a great candidate, and we have a dedicated and welcoming campaign team in our office at St. Clair & Kennedy. Here are the details:

The Jessie Macaulay NDP Campaign
3557 St. Clair Ave. East (at Kennedy – SW corner)


Facebook spaceTwitter

Come in and join a great team of volunteers and organizers to help elect an amazing young woman. Come in and meet Jessie and her team. You can really make a difference.

Provincial Nomination Meeting

Saturday May 10, 2014 1:30 Pm Registration starts at 12:30 PM

Plumbers Hall
936 Warden Ave
Toronto, ON

All the important information is on our Provincial Nominations page

Provincial Election

The Place and date of our nomination meeting for a Provincial Candidate will be announced once the writ is dropped. Meanwhile check out our “Provincial Nomination Meeting” tab. Get to know our two candidates.

Pints and Politics April 23, 2014

Pints and Politics
The format will be similar to last time. We will be having a few speakers, including Jessie Macaulay, Alex Wilson, and Brenda Thompson (not confirmed). AND there is a possibility that Brian Topp will also be attending.

Town Hall Meeting on Cuts to Canada Post

Wednesday April 16, 2014   @ 7:00 p/m

150 Borough Dr.

Scarborough, ON

Let’s send Stephen Harper a message!

Pints and Politics Mar 19, 2014

6:30 PM March 19th, 2014

The Old Stone Cottage

3750 Kingston Road (Kingston & Scarborough Golf Club Rd.)

Do you want to get rid of Rob Ford, Stephen Harper and the winter blahs? Well we do too! Join fellow SSW New Democrats as we ponder and plot how to advance the leftist agenda at our 3rd Pints and Politics night. This is where all of the thinking (and maybe some drinking) happens. If you want to get to know other NDP members from the riding, and like minded individuals, this is a good chance to make those connections.

There will be different sort of format where we hope to have speakers regularly who will be signing up to talk about an issue of their choice for 5-10 minutes.
Tonight our speakers are: Boris Rosalak, Paul Bocking, Joy Taylor and Barry Wiselater.
Hope to see you out!

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