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Scarborough United – Pub Night with Nathan Cullen









Join Dan Harris MP and other Scarborough activists for a night of pints and politics with NDP House Leader Nathan Cullen at The Olde Stone Cottage Pub in Scarborough!

Drop-in between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Friday, January 24, 2014

For more information, email or facebook

Inequality and Tax Fairness


Opening the books in the House of Commons – New iPolitics Article by Dan

Dan has a new article in iPolitics about a NDP proposal for increasing the financial transparency of government. Take some time to read Dan’s article.

Beyond Politics with Dan Harris

Dan was interviewed by Catherine Clark  of CPAC’s Beyond Politics.   It is a very personal and enjoyable interview.

Austerity: the greatest bait-and-switch in history

Found this video on Boing Boing.   The article describes the speaker as “Mark Blyth, a delightfully sweary Scottish economist”.  Please be warned of two things 1) They were not kidding about the swearing and 2) It is an 1:07:30 long.  It is well worth you time.

Proposed CNOOC-Nexen deal leaves too many unanswered questions

Dan’s article about the CNOCC-Nexen deal can be found at iPolitics.

“There are so many questions surrounding this deal that the Conservatives refuse to answer; of course, the NDP rejects this deal on these grounds. We’ve asked for a study on this deal, we’ve asked to make this deal transparent, we’ve asked the questions on how this deal will protect Canadian resources and jobs and if it will jeopardize national security — all to no avail.”

Take a break and read the article.

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