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2015 Nomination Meeting

2015 Federal Nomination Meeting

Town Hall Meeting on Cuts to Canada Post

Wednesday April 16, 2014   @ 7:00 p/m

150 Borough Dr.

Scarborough, ON

Let’s send Stephen Harper a message!

Inequality and Tax Fairness


Annual General Meeting May 26, 2013

Click on the meeting notice below to see a copy of the constitutions.

Canada needs to catch up on clean-tech

There is a new article by Dan Harris in iPolitics. This article, although it addresses the entire Clean Tech possibilities has a lot of information about the firm Electronic Recycling Services (ERS).  One of the best paragraphs is “…Sadly, the Conservative government is mired in the past, with its sole focus on extracting new resources from the ground. For Canada to achieve a balanced, sustainable economy we must concentrate on growing the value-added sectors. ..” Take a few minutes and read the article.

Crippling Canadian innovation in a cutthroat global marketplace

Dan’s weekly opinion piece in iPolitics  discusses the Conservative plans to slash the Scientific Research and Experimental Development  (SR&ED) budget.   “Apparently, overhauling innovation support means slashing SR&ED funding by $500-million per year. In other words, this is a 25 to 30 per cent reduction in R&D expenditures. This cut will hit innovation in all sectors of our economy and further erode Canada’s dismal ranking on business R&D spending.”

Read the rest of the article

Serious issues ignored as Conservatives relaunch attack on women’s rights

Dan’s article about Women’s Rights  has been published in iPolitics. Please take a moment to read.  Make a comment about the article if you want.  There are a few negative comments already.   As a side note a study in the St. Louis area finds that free birth control greatly reduces the number of abortions.

EI system punishes rather than helps those in need

Dan Harris has written an article in iPolitics.

“It’s been a rough summer for Canadians who have been looking for work. With job numbers looking bleak and unfair changes to Employment Insurance, Canadians are finding it harder to find good-quality jobs that help to support them and their families.

It’s a sad reality: only four out of 10 unemployed Canadians can access EI when they need it and even then they must wait 10-12 weeks to receive their first payment, letting Canadians down when they need help the most.”

Go to  Dan’s  article .

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