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Celebrating the First Anniversary of Dan Harris’s election to the House of Commons

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2011 –  the 1st Anniversary of the break-through election that brought the NDP to Official Opposition under Jack Layton’s leadership.

2 mai + Jack Layton = Une bière froide

Considering that the 2nd of May is an historic day for millions of Canadians and Quebecers.
Considering that Jack Layton is one of the most important figures in political history in Canada. 
Considering that Jack inspired adults and young people to be engaged and passionate. 
Considering that Jack loved beer
I invite you get a beer on the 2nd may, wherever you are, to remember the legacy of Jack and the message of hope he gave to all of us!
Let’s do this together

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At the Ontario NDP Convention

Dan Harris on stage with our party leaders at the ONDP Convention in Hamilton

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