Jessie Macaulay and Niki Ashton at Jessie's campaign office

Jessie Macaulay and Niki Ashton at Jessie’s campaign office

The members of the Scarborough Southwest NDP voted at our Nomination Meeting last Saturday and selected Jessie Macaulay as our candidate for this Ontario election.

Election Day is only just over four weeks away, and I believe you’ll have a rewarding experience if you help out in this campaign. Jessie is a great candidate, and we have a dedicated and welcoming campaign team in our office at St. Clair & Kennedy. Here are the details:

The Jessie Macaulay NDP Campaign
3557 St. Clair Ave. East (at Kennedy – SW corner)


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Come in and join a great team of volunteers and organizers to help elect an amazing young woman. Come in and meet Jessie and her team. You can really make a difference.