President:  Aysha Sonna

Vice-President, Federal:  Tommy Taylor

Vice-President, Provincial:  Dan Danielson

Outreach and Membership Officer:  Arushana Sunderaeson

Secretary:  Dave Clark

Treasurer/ CFO: Ian Roberts

Women’s Officer: Darshika Selvasivam

Youth Officer:  Taseen Chowdhury

Disability Rights Officer: Amy Wong

Provincial Council Delegate: Aysha Sonna

Provincial Council Delegate: Laxy Saunthararajan

Provincial Council Delegate: Faiz Kamal

Provincial Council Alternate: Enrique Olivio

Provincial Council Alternate: Darshika Selvasivam

Provincial Council Alternate: Arushana Sunderaeson

Member-at-large: Coline Gardhouse

Member-at-large: Trevor Moo

Member-at-large: Meg Gingrich

Member of Provincial Parliament: Doly Begum